20-21 MN1915J: Management First

Course Summary

Year 1 of your undergraduate studies reading Management at Royal Holloway ‘provides a foundation for advanced and independent study through establishing a common platform of essential knowledge and skills’ (current School of Business and Management programme specification). A structured approach to reading Management at Royal Holloway is a key aim of the course in order to support students in making the transition from school to university. This recognizes the diverse backgrounds of Royal Holloway’s largest module reading Management as part of their degree title. MN1915J Management First highlights that enhancing employability prospects is a portfolio of skills each student develops over the duration of an undergraduate degree; likewise there are key academic skills each student must develop in Year 1 in order to succeed in subsequent years of the degree programme.

Organization of MN1915J and Moodle

MN1915J is organized into four subject areas of content:

·         Business and Management with the FT;

·         Careers and Employability Skills;

·         Learning Resources and the Library; and

·         The Enhancement of Academic Skills.

Synchronous learning happens in real time (such as MS Teams and face-to-face on campus); asynchronous learning occurs through online channels (such as self-study accessing learning resources on Moodle). Royal Holloway’s flexible – also referred as blended or hybrid – learning model includes a blend of both asynchronous and synchronous online learning, in addition to (limited) synchronous face-to-face learning. Bridging a gap between synchronous and asynchronous is a goal for MN1915J.

A programme of study for MN1915J has been designed so that each subject area of content has learning resources and associated activities:

·          Learning resources include recordings (using Panopto) by the content creators and associated readings they have selected along with any other resources you should access.

·         Associated activities may be embedded within the pre-recorded learning resources as self-reflection tasks or preparation for discussion tasks.