20-21 CL2352: Greek History To 322 Bc

This is a survey course that seeks to cover a very broad chronological period from the Bronze Age down to just after the death of Alexander the Great in 323, a date that has traditionally been seen as a historical turning point that ushers in a new era, the Hellenistic period.

The course is very broad from a chronological point of view, but it does not simply aim at breadth. It also goes into depth and examines key sources, social and political institutions and engages critically with key historical themes and problems. For example, we shall explore in some detail the historical sources for the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, two milestones of Greek history which many of you will be somewhat familiar with. We will try to look beyond the legend that often accompanies them or facile interpretations and we will aim to probe and critique both primary and secondary courses. I hope that this course will hone your key skills of analysis and criticism and enable you to become more mature and confident in your engagement with ancient Greek political and social history.