Liberal Arts

Important Information for Students on Moodle Course Availability

You may not see a full list of all your expected courses in your Moodle My Courses list or in this category. This does not necessarily mean that your course registrations are incorrect. There are two possible reasons:

  • Departments/Tutors make courses visible to Students in Moodle when the course is ready for teaching
  • Not all courses use Moodle.

You can use the Study tab in Campus Connect to check the courses you are registered for or contact your department who can also provide information on their use of Moodle.

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20-21 LA1000: Liberal Arts 1: Cultural Encounters

This course is the core introduction to the Liberal Arts degree and is taken by all students on the programme. Focused on the unifying theme of 'encounters', it introduces you to some of the ways in which cultures have developed through historical, theoretical and creative dialogues and tensions. Your tutors will encourage you to pursue a comparative and interdisciplinary approach and help you to develop key skills in analytical and critical thinking.