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Teacher (Course Author): Giulia Achilli, Gloria Agyemang, John Ahwere-Bafo, Abdul Kader Al Jandali, Nisreen Ameen, Yiannis Anagnostopoulos, Mikael Andehn, Dominic Appiah, Louise Ashley, Maureen Ayikoru, Gideon Azumah, Helen Bacci, Ran Bhamra, Rebecca Bolt, Guido Boni, Marianne Bowyer, Alan Bradshaw, Michelle Casey, Paul Caussat, Julia Charlton, Andreas Chatzidakis, Gregory Chockler, Derrick Chong, Isobel Clements, Gerard Clough, David Cohen, Neil Conway, Norlene Conway, Jose-Rodrigo Cordoba-Pachon, Adrian Coronado Mondragon, Kayleigh Cottrell, Ben Credland, Elaine Darby, Jane Davison, Ailson de Moraes, Sonia Dhaliwal, Nuno Duarte Marques Barreiro, Paul Dudley, Romano Dyerson, Giana Eckhardt, Amany Elbanna, Nesrine Eltawy, Maria Enser, Samantha Evans, Charlotte Fay, Claire Fenton, Jose Fiadeiro, Robert Fitzgerald, Simon Foley, Dave Food, Teddy Foster, Dawn Fowle, Elaine Fraser, Marie Gallagher, Jocelyn Gamble, Ankit Gaur, Maria Gee, Lucy Gill-Simmen, Evangelos Giouvris, Elena Giovannoni, Pauline Gleadle, Sarah Glozer, Sinfree Gono, Martina Goudie-Hutton, Anabel Gutierrez Mendoza, Gregory Gutin, Chris Hackley, Najmeh Hafezieh, John Hagedoorn, Matthew Hague, Hari Harindranath, Paul Haynes, Melissa Henderson, Vera Hoelscher, Sameer Hosany, Kerrie Howard, Christopher Howorth, Jialun Hu, Stephen Jackson, Ashok Jashapara, Adrian Johnstone, Yury Kalnishkan, Eleni Karamali, Aidan Kelly, Omera Khan, Johannes Kinder, Jan Kosecki, Olga Kravets, Endrit Kromidha, Mikko Laamanen, Dhruba Lahiri, Alice Lam, Anne Lang, Knut Lange, Hsing-Fen Lee, Robert Lee, Karen Lensink, Matthew Li, Sung Lim, Zhaohui Luo, Zhiyuan Luo, Pauline Maclaran, Carlos Matos, Lauren McCarthy, Helen McEwan, Ed McLean, Thanda Mhlanga, Zohreh Moghimi, Asmat Monaghan, Fiona Moore, Christopher Napier, Christopher Nobes, Julinda Nuri, Nceku Nyathi, Justin O'Brien, Susan O'Leary, Chika Oka, Inga Olsauskiene, Gul Ozcan, Alberto Paccanaro, Niki Panteli, Claire Porter, Tom Quinn, Chris Rees, Alexander Reppel, Georgios Rigopoulos, Leonardo Rinaldi, Paul Robson, Huaichuan Rui, Elizabeth Scott, Sukanya Sen Gupta, Hyemi Shin, Maria Simosi, Chris Smith, Rhiannon Soper, Laura Spence, Christian Stadler, Konstantinos Stathis, Niran Subramaniam, Tony Sullivan, Gillian Symon, Hui Tan, Sebastian Tideman, Helen Tregidga, Chin-Ju Tsai, Meltem Ture, Iddo Tzameret, Eleni Tzouramani, Emily Usher, Saffet Uygur, Astrid van den Bossche, Nicolas Vass, Vladimir Vovk, Sigrun Wagner, Magnus Wahlstrom, Thomas Wainwright, Christopher Watkins, Andy Whalley, Andy Whalley, David White, Paul Williams, Paul Williams, Leanne Workman, Stuart Wrigley, Philip Fei Wu, Elton Xhetani, Ling Xiao, Wesley Yuen, Kinga Zaczek, Yiluyi Zeng, Ling Zhang, Nana Zhao, Yingqin Zheng, Yu Zheng

Royal Holloway Student Experience

This research evaluates a feedback app that allows users to manage and exchange their personal data reliably, securely, and anonymously.

As part of this project, we capture the subjective experiences of students in Higher Education. This research aims to (a) contribute to a meaningful improvement to student life, and (b) gain a better understanding of the views of young adults on the concept of “personal data stores”.

Teacher (Course Author): Alexander Reppel

Joint honours (including Management)

Welcome to the joint honours students Moodle page!

This is where you can share your ideas and issues related to studying multiple disciplines (including Management).

Feel free to email me about anything that concerns joint honours students.

Director of Collaborative Programmes: Dr Mikael Andehn (

Teacher (Course Author): Chika Oka

MSc International Strategic Management Support

This support class is designed to meet the needs of international students who do not speak English as a first language. The class takes a blended learning approach (face-to-face plus online work) and provides essential practice in language skills, closely following the content of MN5114 International Strategic Management. Particular attention is given to lecture comprehension; reading with the aim of identifying key arguments; and writing that is appropriate in terms of accuracy, style, use of sources, and structure.

UG Management Information Page

UG Management Information Page - a central hub for information.