CS Seminars

This is the Computer Science seminars Moodle page. Recordings of seminars will be made available here.

Teacher (Course Author): Gregory Gutin, Matteo Sammartino

Computer Science MSc Welcome Week

Welcome to the department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway! This page is the hub for MSc Welcome Week activities.

Final Year Projects


The aim of the individual project is to give students the opportunity to complete a substantial piece of work.
This involves organising their own time, deadlines and deliverables, and delivering a completed piece of work in a professional manner.


The following objectives will be achieved by completing a individual project.
At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • work independently on a significant piece of work, organising deadlines and deliverables; 
  • learn new skills and theory from diverse information sources; 
  • make technical decisions after consideration of appropriate evidence and act on those decisions; 
  • present and discuss a technical subject; 
  • compose and complete a technical report; 
  • work steadily under guidance for the duration of a project; 
  • understand what is required of a computing professional.