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22-23 SG3014: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership

Welcome to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Leadership for March 2022. 

This module introduces you to the creative processes, behaviour and skills that are central to entrepreneurial venture. Entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership skills are important competencies that are required by employers. Students will be able to appreciate the complexity of innovative and leadership processes in the management of business organisations. The module will help students to draw the link between entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership skills. Students will gain an understanding of the nature of entrepreneurs and leadership styles, and identify their own leadership capabilities whilst exploring a business start-up and preparing a business plan.

Here you will find class materials, homework information, independent study tasks, and formative and summative assignment information for the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Leadership module.

If you have any general module queries, have trouble completing/uploading your assignment or just want to discuss your progress, please contact the module tutors Rahema Nadeem (

If you need specific English writing help, you should speak to your AES tutor and/or Christopher Storrs-Fox  ( and they can tell you about the language suppo

Teacher (Course Author): Katie Cattell, Tesfaye Gojjie, Jieya Lyu, Jieya Lyu